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Charger for Canon BP-208/308/315 Sam LSM80/160/320 +car Charger for Canon BP-208/308/315 Sam LSM80/160/320 +car
- only $3.01 out of stock
standard fast charger with 110-240V AC adapter and car cord
- fits Canon and Samsung batteries

This is a standard generic charger for Canon BP-208 BP-308 BP-315 and Samsung SB-LSM80 SB-LSM080 SB-LSM160 SB-LSM320 batteries. It has fully-automatic charging circuitry with automatic shutoff when the battery is fully charged.

This charger does not require multiple plates to charge either Canon or Samsung batteries unlike some other multi-plated chargers. It is designed to fit all of these batteries right out of the box.

Each charger comes with an auto-switching 110-240V AC adapter and a car adapter. Exactly as pictured. If you don't plan to use it in the car, you can leave the car adapter at home. If however, you need to use it in the car - it is just as convenient to have the car adapter plugged into the cigarette lighter jack and charge the battery while you drive. A nice to have item when you are on the go.

Charger equipped with dual-color LED. When battery is placed on the charger, the LED turns red and remains red during the charging process. When the charge is finished - the LED turns green.


Power supply input voltage: 110V-240V
Power supply output voltage: 12V - 24V
Charging voltage limit: 8.4V max
Charging current limit: 650mA max
For batteries rated: 7.2V - 7.4V average


Q: Why is the battery 7.4V and the charger outputs 8.4V?
A: The charger is limited at 8.4V, but does not go to 8.4V immediately when the battery is just plugged in. It first charges the battery at a constant current until the voltage reaches 8.4V. Then, it stays at 8.4V for a few minutes. Then it shuts off and the LED turns green. This is according to Li-Ion charging specifications. It is different from Ni-MH or Ni-Cd battery charging. Read our FAQ for battery charging tips.

Q: Why would the LED turn red and immediately turn green with my battery?
A: Your battery is "dead". It has lost over 90% of its capacity. This usually happens when you overdischarge the battery too much. Read out FAQ for battery usage tips. You need to get a new battery.

Q: The LED never turns red but my battery works. Is the charger bad?
A: There is a chance the battery terminals do not touch the charger contacts all the way or became dirty. Please, check that. If necessary clean the battery terminals or slightly bend the charger contacts to have a better connection. If this is not the case - then yes, the charger is bad. Generally, these chargers have a very low rate of returns. Less than one in 500.

Just $3.01 plus $6.99 shipping & handling for the first charger
and $5.99 shipping & handling for each additional charger!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

Charger for Canon BP-208/308/315 Sam LSM80/160/320 +car
Charger for Canon BP-208/308/315 Sam LSM80/160/320 +car
Compatible with all of the following:
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