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Q: Which battery is compatible with my camera / camcorder?
A: 1. Easiest - Just type the camera model number in our Power Search and hit enter
2. Longer - Check this list of cameras or this list of camcorders
3. Final Step - Search with Google.
* If you ask us, we will do exactly that and reply to you up to 48 hours later.
Q: Why are your batteries so cheap?
A: Because we do not try to rip you off as everyone else.
Q: Are these batteries as good as my original OEM?
A: Yes.
Q: How to extend/prolong Li-Ion battery life?
A: 1. Stop using the battery immediately as soon as you see a discharged sign. This will avoid over-discharge fatal to Li-Ion cell chemistry. Never discharge laptop batteries below 5%.
2. If you have to leave the battery in storage - do it after a full charge. Discharged batteries have shelf-life of 2-4 months before they start degrading. Charged batteries have shelf-life about 2-3 years.
3. Li-Ion batteries do not have 'memory effect' and can be charged at any time, and do not need to be completely discharged before charging. It is 100% safe, and good to charge all Li-Ion batteries after they are used only halfway. This is opposite to Ni-Cd & Ni-MH batteries.
Q: What is memory effect?
A: Memory effect is inherent to Ni-based chemistry. Refers to batteries losing capacity if they are recharged before being fully discharged. Applies to all NI-CD and NI-MH batteries regardless of marketing other companies try to put such as 'no-mem'. LI-ION batteries do not have memory effect. In fact they are healthier if they are recharged earlier to keep them away from the cell voltage dropping too low and damaging the chemistry
Q: Your battery is rated 3.6V and mine is 3.7V. What is the difference?
A: No difference. Li-Ion batteries do not have a set voltage. They go from 4.2V when fully charged to about 3.2V when discharged. Different manufacturers put a different 'nominal' voltage per cell such as 3.6 or 3.7.
Q: Is there a difference between 7.2V and 7.4V?
A: No difference. Just as above. 7.2 / 7.4V battery packs just have 2 cells connected in series.
Q: Does your Sony battery support Info technology?
A: Yes. It does, and it should display the life remaining properly in cameras/camcorders that support that. Sometimes you may have to put the battery through two full cycles before the Info-circuitry displays correct numbers.
Q: Do your batteries have overcharge protection?
A: Yes and no. All Li-Ion battery packs have fuses and MOSFETs protecting cells from critical issues. However, real overcharge protection is always implemented by the charging circuitry. This circuitry is designed with a precise voltage controlled current source limited at 4.2V per cell. This circuitry is also responsible for shutting off charging after a certain time. If you were told by a salesman that their batteries have protection circuitry while others don't - they simply lied, and don't know much about Li battery packs.
Q: What if I get a defective battery?
A: You can return it for refund or replacement as stated in our warranty policies.
Q: How soon will my order ship?
A: Most orders ship within 24 hours. Please check our shipping policies.
Q: How can I get my order faster?
A: Please read our High Priority Shipping Explanation
Q: How can I do a blind dropshipping without any invoices?
A: Please read our DropShip Packing Slip Explanation
Q: You do not have a battery I need. What should I do?
A: Please let us know!
Q: I found a typo!
A: Please let us know, and get a 50 cents discount on your order!
Q: I did not find an answer to my question...
A: Please let us know, and someone will try to answer your question!
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