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We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Most our products carry a 6-month direct replacement waranty. Laptop batteries carry a 3-month warranty. If batteries in your devices stop functioning after that period - please read our FAQ to learn why and hopefully prevent this in the future.

In addition to that, if you do not like any of the items you ordered - you can return them for a full refund within one month.

Following are details of what is covered under the warranty.

1.  The items returned must be the same items we shipped you. We cannot be responsible if the items received are not the ones we have sold. Our batteries have number codes. We check these codes before processing your returns. Do not remove this code. If any battery received does not have our code, or has the code removed - it will not be processed for refund or replacement.
2.  The items must be received in good physical condition and not mechanically damaged. To ensure that your items are not lost in the mail - please mail them in bubble-padded envelopes or boxes and never in the white envelopes. White envelopes with batteries are often torn by the USPS sorting machines.
3.  If a wrong item (item different from what you ordered) is shipped - the return shipping will be covered. If a correct item was shipped and returning for replacement or refund - the return shipping will not be covered. We do cover the shipping of the replacement item. We also provide a full refund not withholding shipping charges within the first month.
4.  Usually, we provide 100% equivalent replacement upon receipt. Full refunds are only issued if items are received within the first month of your transaction. Refunds for items received between one and two months are subject to a charge of $3.00 per item. Refunds for items received after two months are subject to a charge of at least $5.00 per item. The refund amount will not exceed the current item price at the time of receipt/refund.
5.  If the package we ship to you is returned back by USPS as undeliverable, shipping charges are not refundable. No exceptions. It is our responsibility to pack, mail and provide delivery confirmation. It is your responsibility to make sure your local USPS office delivers mail at the address supplied to us.

Our USPS mailing address is:

PO Box 640
San Marcos, CA 92079

Following are shipping guidelines for all returns to us:

For small items (under 1lb)
1. Please use bubble-padded envelopes
2. Use USPS First Class mail
3. Add delivery confirmation without signature option
For large items (over 1lb)
1. Please use free USPS Priority boxes
2. Use USPS Priority mail
3. Add delivery confirmation without signature option

Please read here about warranty for non-delivery or damage during shipping.
Please read here about RMA requests for returns.

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