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NP-FM50 battery for Sony Li-Ion 7.2V 1500mAh NP-FM50 battery for Sony Li-Ion 7.2V 1500mAh
- only $4.51 out of stock
FM50 is for cameras and camcorders

Please use our sony camcorder battery finder to check which battery you need.
Please use our sony camera battery finder to check which battery you need.

NP-FM50 is the smallest batteriy in the Info-"M" series NP-FM50 NP-QM71 and NP-QM91. FM50 fits both cameras and camcorders. In both, FM50 can replace the low-capacity FM30 that is often bundled by Sony and runs twice as long.

For camcorder use, FM50 is rated about 2-hours, QM71 around 4 hours, and QM91 around 6-8 hours. FM50 is also the lightest when QM91 is the heaviest.

QM71 is highly recommended for camcorder use. First of all, it does not extend out of camcorder as much as QM91. Second it still looks aestetically pleasing. Third it will allow you to tape longer than 3 hours which is what most on-stage events run for.

What is the difference between FM70 vs QM71 and FM90 vs QM91? At first, FM70 and FM90 batteries were developed. When they appeared, there were no super-fast 2-hour chargers for these batteries. A regular FM charger would take 4-6 hours to charge them because of higher capacities and the same charge current as used for FM50. Eventually, a need for super-fast 2-hour charging appeared, and sony released the "QM" series that had circuitry that could handle faster charging. Other than that, both FM and QM work the same.

This battery is compatible with the following cameras: Sony CyberShot DSC-F707, DSC-F717, DSC-F77, DSC-F828, DSC-FX77, DSC-P12, DSC-R1, DSC-S30, DSC-S50, DSC-S70, DSC-S75, DSC-S85, Mavica MVC-CD200, MVC-CD250, MVC-CD300, MVC-CD350, MVC-CD400, MVC-CD500. It is also compatible with many camcorders such as Sony DCR-DVD101, DCR-DVD201, DCR-TRV950, HDR-HC1, CCD-TRV138, DCR-DVD100, MVC-CD500, DCR-TRV260, DCR-DVD301, DCR-TRV460, DCR-TRV19, DCR-TRV280, CCD-TRV128, CCD-TRV318, DCR-TRV250, DCR-PC110, CCD-TRV308, and many others. If your camera / camcorder is not listed - please check our camera / camcorder battery finder to see which battery you need.

These batteries can be charged by any chargers intended for FM50 QM71 QM91 or FM70 or FM90 batteries. Such as the chargers that may come with the camera/ camcorder. They can also be charged on camcorder.

Just $4.51 plus $6.99 shipping & handling for the first battery
and $5.99 shipping & handling for each additional battery!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

NP-FM50 battery for Sony Li-Ion 7.2V 1500mAh
NP-FM50 battery for Sony Li-Ion 7.2V 1500mAh
Compatible with all of the following:
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