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Samsung CRV3 CR-V3 camera battery charger Samsung CRV3 CR-V3 camera battery charger
- only $3.01 out of stock
standard fast charger with 110-240V AC adapter and car cord
- fits Kodak Konika Minolta Nikon Olympus and other batteries

Direct replacement for Samsung CRV3 CR-V3 camera battery charger

This is a standard generic charger for CRV3 Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are used in many Olympus, Kodak, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Vivitar & Toshiba cameras.

It has fully-automatic charging circuitry with automatic shutoff when the battery is fully charged.

NOTE: This charger is designed for Li-Ion CRV3 batteries. It may not charge Ni-MH versions of CRV3 atteries well. It will still partially charge them. But not to the full capacity. Use of a Ni-MH charger on Li-Ion batteries, however, will damage them.

Do not use this charger with non-rechargeable CRV3 batteries. Most Kodak cameras come with non-rechargeable Lithium batteries. If this is the battery you have - purchase a rechargeable CRV3 battery from us instead.

Compatible with the following & more:

Olympus: C-740 C-4000 C-3000 D-100 D-200 D300-D400 & D-500 series
Kodak: CX-4200 CX-4300 CX-6200 CX-6300 CX-7300 DX-3500 DX-3600 DX-3700 DX-3900 DX-4900 series
Nikon: Coolpix 2100 2200 3100 3200 series
Pentax: Optio 30 33 40 43 230 330 series
Samsung: Digimax V3 V4 V5 V40 V50 100 200 300 400 and 500 series
Kyocera: L3V L4V L30 series
Konica Minolta: E200 E300 F100 F200 F300 series
Vivitar: V3315 V3330 V3705 V3715 V3730 V3740 V3746 V3755 V3826 series
Toshiba: PDR-2300 PDR-3300 PDR-3320 PDR-4300 PDR-M500 PDR-M700 PDR-T10 series

The charger comes with an auto-switching 110-240V AC adapter and a car adapter. A nice to have item when you are on the go.

Just $3.01 plus $6.99 shipping & handling for the first charger
and $5.99 shipping & handling for each additional charger!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

Samsung CRV3 CR-V3 camera battery charger
Samsung CRV3 CR-V3 camera battery charger
Compatible with all of the following:
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