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JVC BNV607 camcorder battery JVC BNV607 camcorder battery
- only $5.11 out of stock

Direct replacement for JVC BNV607 camcorder battery

Please use our jvc camcorder battery finder to check which battery you need.

JVC BN-V607 is the small battery in the compatibility series of BN-V607 and BN-V615.

Occasionally, these batteries are referred to as BN-V607U and BN-V615U. The "U" at the end does not imply anything. These are just different names for the same batteries.

V615 is just twice thicker, but priovides double the runtime, and as such is highly recommended over the standard V607. It does not extend too much from the camcorder, and still looks very estetically pleasing. Only V615 will keep you filming more than 2 hours on the same battery, and occasional sessions you'd have will definitely be longer. Also, one V615 is cheaper and much more convenient than two V607's.

This battery is compatible with the following JVC camcorders: JVC GR-DVM5U, JVC GR-DV3U, JVC GR-DVL9500U, JVC GR-DVL9800U, JVC GR-DVL9600U, JVC GR-DVL9700U, JVC GR-DVL9200U, JVC GR-DVL9300U. If your camcorder is not listed here, please check our compatibility list.

These batteries can be charged by any standard charger for BN-V607 or BN-V615 batteries. Or charged directy on your camcorder.

Just $5.11 plus $6.99 shipping & handling for the first battery
and $5.99 shipping & handling for each additional battery!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

JVC BNV607 camcorder battery
JVC BNV607 camcorder battery
Compatible with all of the following:
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