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Canon NB1LH camera battery Canon NB1LH camera battery
- only $1.71 out of stock
highest capacity battery for Canon PowerShot S100 - S500

Direct replacement for Canon NB1LH camera battery

Please use our canon camera battery finder to check which battery your camera needs.

There are two batteries that fit PowerShot S100 S200 S230 S300 S400 S410 and S500. NB-1L and NB-1LH. NB-1L has smaller capacity than NB-1LH. Original Canon NB-1L has a capacity rating of 650mAh. Canon NB-1LH is 840mAh. Our NB-1L is 700mAh and NB-1LH is 1200mAh. We strongly recommend to use NB-1LH batteries and not NB-1L. They will last much longer.

Depending on your camera, NB-1L would last for about 50-100 shots and NB-1LH for about 100-200 shots.

Newer Canon SD cameras do not use NB-1L or NB-1LH batteries. Such cameras are SD200 SD300 SD400 SD500 and so on. Please check your camera with our camera battery finder.

Any standard NB-1L or NB-1LH charger will work with this battery. Such as the charger that comes with the camera.

Just $1.71 plus $4.99 shipping & handling for the first battery
and $3.99 shipping & handling for each additional battery!

You will not find a better deal in any other store or website!

Canon NB1LH camera battery
Canon NB1LH camera battery
Compatible with all of the following:
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