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Power101.com was founded in 2002 with the mission to deliver the best prices for camera and camcorder batteries. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable individuals in electronics and batteries in particular.

Our research of rechargeable batteries dates back to the 1980's when only Ni-Cd and Lead-acid technologies were available. We have followed through such research innovations as deep-discharge cycling, fast pulse-charging and trickle currents that make Nickel based batteries perform at their best.

Our research in Lithium based rechargeable technologies began in the late 90's when Lithium batteries were first used, and continues now. Our key team members have been involved in both consumer and hardware research sectors from the usability research to the intricate voltage-current curves of Lithium cell charging.

Although the Lithium technology is very different from the Nickel technology in all aspects of battery use, charge and protection, we believe our knowledgebase makes us an outstanding battery solution and advisor for both retail and wholesale in the USA.

We utilize the best Chinese factories using Japanese cells and highest quality production. We ensure the best price, best value, best customer service, and 100% satisfaction.

Since 2004 we have relocated to California. Our warehouse is in San Marcos, CA 92069. Currently, we do not facilitate local pickups of individual orders. However, large orders can be picked up from our warehouse. Please contact us for details.

We work hard to deliver what you need at the best prices!

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